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The following section of the documentation covers the Spherean ecosystem exclusively pertaining to its utility to $SPHERE as a token. To dive deeper into Dyson, click here.

Dyson is a decentralized & multichain yield-maximiser. It maximizes yield through carefully crafted strategies which are managed on-chain, making perpetual yield farming accessible to the average user.

The connection between Dyson & Sphere is in two things:

  • Sphere Earnings Pool

  • Governance

Sphere Earnings Pool

Sphere Earnings Pool is a Dyson vault in which holders of Dyson's governance token, $SPHERE, must lock their tokens in order to unlock its governance capabilities. In exchange, depositors are given governance rights, as well as a share of fees in Dyson & Sphere Finance products.

The pool's yield is currently exclusively in $MATIC. Due to its real yield, the yield is variable.

How does the Sphere Earnings Pool work?

The Sphere Earnings Pool is a vault which locks your $SPHERE tokens for 17 weeks. They are then given $ylSPHERE (yield-locked SPHERE), a Sphere Earnings Pool proof-of-deposit. From then on, depositors earn a variable APR of a basket of assets. The yield is fueled by Dyson's performance fees.

How frequent are rewards?

The rewards are epoch based. Every week the rewards are distributed to stakers.


While you own $ylSPHERE, you earn yield from Dyson's performance fees & are able to participate in any governance decision on Dyson.

Liquid Market

Liquid Market is a subsection of Dyson that offers liquid wrapper solutions to veTokens.

In exchange for governance rights, depositors can earn ve- incentives while holding a liquid position. This has the effect of accumulating governance for $SPHERE holders in prospective projects.

Owning governance in veTokens opens up Sphere's ecosystem to opening synergy between its ecosystem & other projects, earning bribes & incentives to $SPHERE holders.

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