2022 Q1

This is a roadmap as of March 21st, 2022. Things in Crypto are accelerating and changing very quickly and we will adjust our strategies accordingly!


  • Unique Presale 1 on Sphere's website
  • Unique Presale 2 on Sphere's website
  • Transfer contracts owner to Protocol's multisig wallet
  • Listings
  • Audit at CertiK
  • YouTube Marketing Campaign
  • AMAs with various communities
  • Darkmode for web app
  • Web app - Graph on Dashboard
    • Showcasing what the treasury has and what it's yielding
  • Researching more ways to acquire more governance tokens in a more efficient way
  • S.P.H.E.R.E. Games (Deflationary Charitable Positive Sum Lottery)
    • 10% get burned
    • 1% goes to a charity wallet to support Sphereans in need
    • You do not lose your staked principal, rebases will be the Price Pool!

2022 Q2

  • Dashboard 2.0
  • Marketing campaign 2.0
  • The Blackhole
  • Gravity Bridge
    • Bridge Dyson from BSC to Polygon and join the Sphere Ecosystem with 3 clicks!
  • Move to our new DEX - TetuSwap
    • On top of earning trade fees from our ownership of Tetu tokens, we are also burning all our tokens accumulated from the TetuSwap DEX!
  • Quantum Liquidity
    • Revolutionizing how LPs work, earning more on your LP regardless of trade volume.
  • QLaaS
    • Quantum Liquidity as a Service, Quantum Liquidity for your project, for a fee.
  • Further Governance Acquisitions
  • Binary Rebasing
    • Network congestions? No worries, your rebases will be issued as soon as the network is back up. No one loses out on rebases!
  • Penrose & Dystopia - bringing deep liquidity to Polygon with governance growing for the Spherean ecosystem
  • Moving LP to Dystopia & pairing with USD+ (Quantum Liquidity included!)
  • Going deflationary, promoting scarcity in the ecosystem
  • S.P.H.E.R.E. Games v2.1 - revamped to be both deflationary and not backed by rebases! In collaboration with BetSwirl
  • Revamped taxes
  • Opening liquidity vaults for Sphere's LP through Dystopia
  • Preon - overcollateralized leveraging using stable-LPs at no interest
  • Mystery incubations - TBA
  • LaaS - Our Spherean ecosystem on your chain. Profits go to the treasury to be used for forced appreciation
  • Galactic Bonds
    • Allowing big holders to sell with a lesser tax in a win-win-win arbitrage opportunity for buyers, sellers & the protocol

2022 Q3

  • NFTs with Utility