Launch Details


How does it work?

The presale will be conducted via a dynamic hardcap system with a maximum allocation of $4000 in MAI per wallet. This means that users can't buy the maximum allocation from the get-go, ensuring a fair chance for everyone who joins in the presale with a smaller fund.
Note: We can't necessarily guarantee that everybody will have an allocation over $500. The system is meant to secure ordinary buyers a spot in the presale as well as prevent whales from buying up all the tokens, leaving everyone without an allocation. First come, first serve is always applicable in presales, so be sure to be early! We're making the cap big enough to at least promise everyone a potential $500 investment, which isn't realistic, as not everyone will invest the same amount!
The maximum allocation will be divided in 4 parts known as rounds, starting with a minimum of 50 $MAI and a maximum of 500 $MAI. Each round lasts 15 minutes & after each round, the allocation ceiling doubles. The ceiling periodically increases until it the cap gets raised or the ceiling reaches the maximum allocation amount. This means that:
  • The first round gives you a cap of $500,
  • The second round gives you a cap of $1000,
  • The third round gives you a cap of $2000,
  • And the fourth round gives you a cap of $4000.
Simple graphic explaining how to buy $SPHERE

Who can participate?

Only Whitelisted Sphereans can participate in the Presale,
This should be enough of a rundown on our Presale! Good luck out there!

Public sale

What is it & what makes it different?

The public sale (also known as fair launch) is the second sale we'll have of $SPHERE tokens prior to listing on a DEX. The reason as to why we are doing 2 sales is because we want the community itself to make the price discovery phase happen organically. The public sale will be open to anyone, but on our dApp, which means that our community will be the main deciding factor to the potential price surge of our project.
To put things into perspective visually, we've made a small graphic showing how the price discovery happens:
Graphic showing how price discovery works
As you can see from the graphic, we're starting off the public sale with the presale price. Because of the volume of tokens we've sold, we'd need to sell 33% of our public sale offering to both justify the price of the presale & make the further investments give the price a "nudge". After that, the price will be determined by the amount raised within 72 hours. It doesn't matter how early the users buy in, everyone will get SPHERE tokens at the same price. In the given graphic, we took $1M as the amount of capital raised by the sale. With such an amount, we can see the price of SPHERE surge to 0.003125 after the initial offer of $0.001. That's 312.5% higher than the presale price!
In extremely simple fashion, something we aspire to achieve, all you need to do is:
  • Prepare your $MAI ($25k per wallet limit)
  • Put the $MAI in the pool (You can only withdraw $10k per hour!)
  • After 72 hours, take the $SPHERE from the vault!
Public sale how does it work

Can anyone participate?

Yes, everyone can participate in the Public sale.

Where will the Public sale be held?

On our dApp. You can access it via our website.

Why can you only withdraw $10k per hour?

We've made the mechanism to minimize price manipulation while also ensuring that anyone who doesn't want to buy anymore can easily pull out. Whales tend to play with the amount raised, hence the limit in place!

Will I be taxed with a buy tax during the sales?

No, you will only be taxed on sales/transfers.
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